Perfect? Me? Nooooooo!

Perfect? Me? Nooooooo!

What do they say, " beauty is in the eye of the beholder?". Well, all I know is that for years my eyes were not beholding the beauty that my husband seemed to see in me, or anyone else really. I never felt pretty enough or sexy enough because I did not fit the "standard" of what our society defined as " beautiful" or " perfect". Still don't  but the difference is now, I really do not care. Hallelujah, I have been delivered!  I no longer find acceptance in anyone's eyes, just mine.  Don't get me wrong, when my husband says " you look beautiful", I accept it, embrace it, swim in it, but that is only because I have learned to accept me for who and what I am - the Perfect Me!

There are billions of people in this world and no one person on this planet is like me.  No one walks, talks, smiles, yells, dances, ( I mean I could go on) like me or like you for that matter.  So that, in itself, is something to glow about.  Believing that your worth or value is not tied into any one person's definition or trend, is very freeing.  It's like Saturday, laying in your pajamas all day doing absolutely nothing, kind of freeing.  

The phrase "I am the Perfect Me", was not created to just sell shirts. It has been molded into a belief system that I want to spread to as many women that will stand to hear my voice.  We were created in God's image and nothing God created, that I have seen in my forty plus years, can be labeled as junk.  I truly believe that our imperfections and flaws are what makes us our own kind of perfect. Soooo, yes! I will take Perfect please, oh and a shirt! 

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