Help! I need to drop 60 lbs in 5 days

Help! I need to drop 60 lbs in 5 days

Yes, I know, that is impossible, silly, a ridiculous notion, but it is what my mind thinks every time a big event is approaching.  My 44th birthday will be here soon and the 50 plus pounds I said I would have lost way back in August of last year are still here. In fact, I think I added a few more.  Still, as each day gets closer and closer I find myself drinking more detox teas, green smoothies, pushing the button on my Peloton app and whatever else I can possibly think of to get that quick fix.

However, the fact remains that there is nothing on this planet that I have tried, seen, heard or bought (and I have bought it all) that would get me the results as quickly as I need them.  Enter reality!  Reality reminds me that in order for me to get the long lasting results that I am hoping for, I need to plan, execute and be consistent.  By implementing a well thought out strategy or plan and then executing it meticulously each and every day I should see results over time.  I must prepare to be on this journey for the long haul, and that means not beating myself up if for some reason if I veer off or get off track. 

Just like my health journey, I realized I need to have the same mindset with everything I do in my life, especially running my business.  I jumped into this business head first last year, bought a heat press, found a company that makes transfers and started just making shirts.  However, after the novelty of it all wore off and friends and family stopped buying my products, I was stuck. I had to go back and create a plan, execute it and be consistent with what I did and how I did it. My plan was to learn as much as I could about my craft, the industry, and my business. I started going to seminars, webinars, reading books and materials from successful entrepreneurs.  Following other t-shirt brands on Instagram and Facebook to see what and how they did it.  Experimenting with new techniques and applications and the most important of it all,  I had to figure out what story I wanted to tell, what message I wanted to send to people.  I decided to just tell my story, and give a message that I wish someone had said to me back in the day, "Sis, you are perfect just the way you are."   Almost everything about our brand consists of the tag line "I am the perfect me".  I realized it is the reason why I started this brand - to empower women of their greatness exactly as the person they are right now, in this time, and in this space. Remember, you are perfect!

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